This is like a diary. It may be closer to doing something than to drawing something. In terms of the lack of motifs or themes, this may not be called a "picture."I think this is closer to the portrait. The trigger was Corona.


My environment has changed at "Beschränkung" in Corona. The academy was closed, the workshop couldn't be used for a while, and it was difficult to make it at home, so my everyday life was not as usual. I went to an art shop to make something at home, but at that time the shop was closed and I was at a loss. Near the closed art shop at that time, I just found a fine ballpoint pen. This was the beginning of "My Beschränkung”.
Frankly, I couldn't do anything at this time. I was only studying German, watching youtube, taking a walk, etc.

But when it comes to production, I was in a difficult situation. It may have been caused by unusual environments and unusual tools. When I tried to draw a picture, the work didn't go as usual. Because of that, I was impatient and anxious. I drew it many times on paper, and stopped drawing halfway and repeated it. I was frustrated with that. After repeating a series of mistakes, I realized that it was not possible to do it as usual because it was different from usual.

After admitting that I wasn't someone who could do anything, I decided to reconsider from the beginning. The picture consists of color planes. A color plane consists of a set of lines, and a line consists of a set of points.

Then, I focused on the first task of drawing “dots". When I was satisfied with the "dots" during the process, I focused on drawing "one line". I focused on what I could do without thinking about "theme", "motif" or “meaning".


After "1 line", I drew "2 lines" and then "3 lines”. I couldn't do well every day, and one day I couldn't really concentrate, so there were days when I didn't do anything. I thought that day would be the day when I couldn't work. If I couldn't draw a line, I was thinking of returning to the point work. On bad days, I took a walk in a park nearby so that I would

not be depressed. If it is difficult, I try to do simple things, and when I can do it, I try to proceed further. I didn't care about the results, I didn't care about the evaluation, I just focused. I was thinking about what was beautiful and how to draw a beautiful line.

While I was doing it, when I realized it, "something" was gradually beginning to appear.


That "something" is this work.


I couldn't do anything at all when I was enthusiastic about making "good things", but when I was away from making "good things" and concentrated on myself, I could do “something”. It was a very strange experience.


Once again. I didn't set a theme for this work at the beginning. It was drawn like a diary while looking at my condition every day. I think it's just my portrait.

I think that difficult situations will probably be encountered in the future. I felt that it is important to work hard on "easy" and "what you can do" in such difficult times.


This is my personal opinion.